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Best 5 Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Recording slow motion video could be fun to play with and with the availability of high-end smartphone you could even create slow motion high-quality video for professional work. However, along with a high-end Android phone we also need a slow motion video recording app which can record videos in slow motion. Now if you look at Google Play Store there are thousands of apps which can do this job for. Here is our list of top best 5 slow motion video apps for Android.

Best 5 Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

1. Coach’s Eye


Coach’s Eye is one of the best slow motion video apps  for Android phones. With Coach’s Eye, you can record HD videos from your Android phone and view them in slow motion. The developer has aimed this app at athletes or sports coach, but you could also use it effectively for your personal stuff.

With Coach’s eye, you can quickly record videos, import videos from your device gallery, review video with slow motion playback, drawing tools for editing, zoom and pan videos to see more details and create animated GIF’s and Collage images from your videos. Sharing feature allows you to share your videos through Email, Text Message, Facebook and Twitter.

You could also purchase the premium version of this app after installing the free version to unlock all the features like compression etc.

Features of Coach’s Eye

  • Sharing with email, text message, Facebook and twitter.
  • Instant video analysis.
  • Slow motion video recording.
  • Drawing tool to edit videos.
  • Import videos from gallery.

2. Controlled Capture Pro


The second app on our list is Controlled Capture pro. This app allows you to capture time-lapse sequence images automatically along with slow motion video recording ability.  It comes with two mode operation, image capture mode and video capture mode.

Features of Controlled Capture Pro

  • Operation modes: Image capture mode and Video capture mode.
  • Capture slow and fast even.
  • Record slow motion videos and regular videos.
  • Sharing feature for easy sharing of files.

3. AndroVid Video Trimmer


The third app on our list is AndroVid Trimmer. AndroiVid Video trimmer is not a slow motion only app, but it is multipurpose video editing app with slow motion capability. Video effect allows you to analyse your videos in slow or fast motion. Apart from slow motion recording, other features include trimming videos, add music, merge multiple videos, grab video frames, add text to videos etc.

Features of AndroVid Video Trimmer

  • Slow motion and Fast motion effects.
  • Add music and replace it with original track or audio.
  • Merge multiple videos into one file.
  • Add text to your file.
  • Convert videos files to MP3 format.

4. Slow Motion Video

As the name indicates, the Slow Motion Video Android app allows you to record slow motion videos on any Android device. It also gives the users ability to view each clip frame by frame and select the frame you like. The latest update to the app now allows the users to play their video from the gallery in slow motion using the app.

5. ReAction Slo-Mo Pro

The ReAction Slo-Mo Pro is yet another, but a powerful app to make slow motion videos in Android. The good thing about this app is that it can capture slow motion videos with 0% quality loss. With this app, you can either use fill video or trim to a 5 or 10 seconds clip. The integrated social feature would allow you to share your art on social media.


So, this was our best 5 slow motion video apps for Android. If you can a dig a bit deeper, you could find some pro settings in above mentioned apps.


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