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Delhi High Court Allows Xiaomi to Sell Phones until 8 January in India

After being banned by Delhi High Court for infringing Ericsson’s patents, now the company has been successful in lifting the ban for time being. The HC of Delhi has allowed the company to continue its service in India until 8th January.


Xiaomi can only continue to sell its already launched smartphones including Redmi 1S, Redmi Note 4G (yet to come) and Mi 3. Both of these low-priced smartphone with decent set of specification performed quiet well in Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi’s another smartphone called Redmi Note will not be available as it is powered by MediaTek processor and only Qualcomm powered devices are allowed to sell until the further notice from the Delhi HC.

Xiaomi Makes Net Profit of only $56 Million and not $566 Million as earlier reported by Wall Street Journal

In another news related to the Chinese smartphone maker Xioami, its’ net profit for the year 2013 was $56 Million and not $566 Million earlier reported by the WSJ. According to the Reuters, Xioami maker netted a profit of around $56 Million in 2013, which is far less than what was reported earlier. Although, Xiaomi’s spoke person have confirmed the filling, but also noted that it did not include entire Xioami’s business.


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