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Facebook Introduces Red Dot in Desktop for Notification

Facebook users now will be notified about any new notification with a small red dot on Facebook favicon (logo). The red dot would come in handy if you have muted your speakers for annoying notification sound. Whenever the user receives a new notification, a red dot will appear on the Facebook tab.

Facebook Dot

The red dot does not appear if you have the Facebook tab open and viewing it, but only appear if you are away from the tab. It will be same irrespective of receiving an activity notification, a message or a friend request.


  1. this doesnt really help, most people that search this up are usaully wanting to know why it comes up then says you are using your camera or microphone when infact you are not, im sorry to say but this was absolutly useless and no help at all

  2. Thanks for that comment Kristal because for the first time, I am noticing my camera is on when I am not using it, so I covered it up. What the heck is up with FB I am beginning to hate and distrust them completely.


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