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Full Form of TTYL, LOL, PS, ASAP, BTW, TP, TLDR Abbreviations

P.S, you must have read this on Facebook at the end of any post or comment. Abbreviations became a norm after the introduction of SMS and why not, when it could reduce the letters you have to type to complete any word ultimately resulting in faster texting.

However, there are a few abbreviations, which makes you scratch your head if you are new to the world of social networking. The most common abbreviations are being used P.S, which mean Postscript, LOL, which means Laughing out Loud, TTYL, which means to Talk to You Later and IDK, which mean I Don’t Know, etc.

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Therefore, here I have made a list of most common abbreviations used in day to day life especially in Social networking websites like Facebook and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Full Form of Commonly Used Abbreviations

TTYL means: Talk To You Later

LOL means: Laughing Out Loud

P.S means:  PostScript

ASAP means: As Soon As Possible

TL;DR means: Too Long; Didn’t read. 

  • TP means: Time Pass or Twitter Post
  • IMO means: In My Opinion
  • RIP means: Rest in Peace
  • FTW Means: For The Win
  • Other Commonly Used Abbreviations
  • A3 means: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
  • AYT means: Are You There?
  • BTW means: By The Way
  • B/W means: Between
  • BBL means: Be Back Later
  • BBS means: Be Back Soon
  • CC means: Carbon Copy
  • DND means: Do Not Disturb
  • DL means: Download
  • FYI means: For Your Information
  • FB means: Facebook

  • FWD means: Forward
  • FAQ means: Frequently Asked Questions
  • F2F means: Face To Face
  • GTG means: Got to Go
  • GL means: Good Luck
  • GFU means: Good For You
  • GBU  Means: God Bless You or Good, Bad & Ugly
  • HBD means: Happy Birth Day
  • JK means: Just Kidding
  • KISS means: Keep It Simple Stupid
  • MMB means: Message Me Back
  • MSG means: Message
  • OMG means: Oh My God
  • P2P means: Person to Person
  • PPL means: People
  • TC means: Take Care
  • TYSM: Thank You So Much
  • TOS means: Terms of Service
  • T&C means: Terms and Conditions

Others Tech Related Abbreviations

  • APK Means – Android Application Package
  • BRAVIA  Means – Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture
  • HTC Means   – High Tech Computer Corporation
  • LG Means – Lucky Goldstar
  • ZTE Means – Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment
  • SAR Value Means – Specific Absorption Rate Value
  • AT&T Means – American Telephone and Telegraph Company
  • HCL Means – Hindustan Computer Limited
  • HP Means – Hewlett Packard
  • Intel Means – Integrated Electronics
  • JBL Means – James Bullough Lansing (name of the founder)
  • DoCoMo Means – Do Communications Over the Mobile Network
  • VLC Means – Video LAN Client

  • Gmail Means – Google Mail
  • Google Means – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth
  • YAHOO Means – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  • Windows Means – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
  • iOS  Means – i+ Operating System ( Here I can be iPhone / iPad / iPod)
  • GPRS Means – General Packet Radio Service
  • GSM Means – The Global System for Mobile Communications
  • CDMA Means – Code Division Multiple Access
  • Wi-Fi  Means – Wireless Fidelity
  • HSPA Means – High-Speed Packet Access
  • HSPA+ Means – Evolved High-Speed Packet Access
  • LTE Mean – Longer Term Evolution
  • IP Address – Internet Protocol Address
  • BBM Means – BlackBerry Messenger
  • OTG Means – On The Go
  • USB Mean – Universal Serial Bus
  • PDF Means – Portable Document Format
  • PNG Means – Portable Network Graphics
  • Virus Means – Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  • JPEG Means – Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • GIF Means – Graphics Interchange Format

  • MBps Means – Megabytes Per Second
  • Mbps Means – Megabits Per Second
  • KBps Means – Kilobytes Per Second
  • Kbps Means – Kilobits Per Second
  • CD Means – Compact Disc
  • WWW  Means – World Wide Web
  • HTML Means – HyperText Markup Langauge
  • HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


  1. i hav not used the whole of full forms given here..wish 2 use em’ but not possible coz ma brain is not soo big to store em’..:P

  2. I agree with Aditi ther r so many other sfs and one word can have so many sfs lyk eg nice can be nc like Aditi said or it can even be nyc

    • Off course some more can be added, but you see, we cannot add shortcuts to every word.
      Abbreviation is just for a quick reply, which is UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED by everyone (if you get what i mean).

  3. Does Google actually have a backronym?
    And as for Windows…they could be mere hoaxes.
    It would be better if you could provide authentic links for all these full forms.
    And btw, thanks for the backronyms of LG, HTC etc. They were really useful.

  4. I guess u should add ‘Tqsm’ : thank you so much..coz sometimes ppl get confused…though It’s rlly gud nd helpful…. Thanks dude… 🙂

    • Can you? Of course, you can. However, if the used short forms are not so common among people then they will have difficulty understanding it.

  5. I recently started using social networks and it was a great trouble to understand these short froms when my Frndz texted me. But this helped me a lot to understand them. I’ll try my best to use them as my brain has the storage space for it.

    • It means Rest in Peace. Commonly used for the people who are expired. Also, used as a sarcastic comment.

  6. It was very helpful. I will try to get all those in my head. I think of using the short forms but it dont get clicked in my mind at the right time. 😅😅 However, the companies full forms were informative. 👍👍


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