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Opera Mini Goes Out of Beta, Now Available on WP Store

Earlier Opera released its web browser Opera Mini for Windows Phone smartphone on Windows Phone Store. However, until now it was in beta stage. But, today company has released its stable version of Opera Mini on Windows Phone store, which is available for Download.

Opera Mini for Windows phone

Windows Phone version of Opera Mini comes with improved download manager which allows to keep tab on all your Downloads. Users will also be able to save and preview their favorite websites with speed dial and bookmarks.  This opera mini version is quiet stable than the beta version after all.

✔ Browse faster: Experience the web at high speeds without compromising the way websites load on your phone.
✔ Use less data: Opera Mini saves your data plan by compressing the amount of data passed from websites.
✔ Navigate easily: The updated interface is more native to Windows Phone, making Opera Mini easier to use and beautiful to look at.
✔ Be social: Share your favorite content across social media instantly!
✔ Browse safely: Opera's focus on security and data privacy keeps you safer on the web.

Download Opera Mini for Windows Phone Here.


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