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Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung has always been the brand that enjoyed a lot of hype around the launch of its flagship or other devices, for good reasons or bad. The brand started the year on a right note with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which went on to become one of the best mobile phones available as of now. However, the year ended on a bitter note for the South Korean brand on account of exploding Galaxy Note 7. Now, the brand is on its back foot trying to revive the market it has lost and has been launching devices like Galaxy C9 Pro and the likes. However, that is not enough to cut it, which has lead people to start talking about its upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is all that we know about the handset so far.

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Mobile World Congress might see the launch

Samsung has been dodging some bullets ever since it had to recall Galaxy Note and has also had to suffer major loss for the same. The handset maker did try to salvage the situation by offering exchange with Galaxy S7 to existing Note 7 users, however, it did not work as intended. Now, it is being speculated that the device maker would launch the next year’s flagship device quite early in the year. Chances are high that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress that is held in the month of February every year.

Samsung might go back to having a single flagship a year

While Samsung was embroiled in the controversies surrounding Note 7, there was a school of thought that felt that the brand has been launching too many devices per year without putting in to much of R & D. It also felt the same when Samsung was in a rush to outsmart Apple and launched the Galaxy Note 7 just a week before iPhone 7. However, we all know how that ended up for the brand. It seems that the brand has finally realized it and might come out with a single flagship device next year viz. Galaxy S8.

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With Galaxy S8, Samsung might adopt different design

After launching one plastic smartphones after another for years, Samsung finally went ahead and launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with a complete overhaul. The world could not stop gushing about how beautiful these devices looked in their metal and glass garb, which has been carried forward to the Galaxy S7 as well. Now, speculations are strong that next year, Samsung would come up with a completely new design for Galaxy S8. Some of the speculations are that it might feature a bezel-less display with the fingerprint scanner integrated into it.  This would be a revolutionary technology and if Samsung manages to pull it off, Galaxy Note 7 will be forgotten.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with advanced Dual camera

This year Apple came out with Apple iPhone 7 Plus, which features the best in class dual camera lens module with 12 Megapixels. It is no secret that Samsung and Apple are always at loggerheads with each other, which means that Samsung might want to throw some shade at Apple next year. The 12 Megapixels snapper on the rear panel of Galaxy S7 has already been touted as one of the best camera in the world as of now. Samsung might launch next year’s Galaxy S8 with dual camera module with the same 12 Megapixels lens. Now, this might totally put off the hype created by the iPhone 7 Plus and put Samsung back on the map.

Never ever in the history of Samsung, a flagship from the South Korean giant has disappointed its loyalist right from the Galaxy S to Galaxy S7. We can also expect the next flagship to come with best Exynos processor that Samsung would have in its arsenal at the time, which is probably Exynos 8895. For the US market, it will the latest Snapdragon processor in all probability. This means when it comes to flagships, Samsung does not leave any stones unturned. Also, now that Samsung has been pushed to a corner, it might strike back bigger and better.

As of now, this is all the information that is available regarding the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Samsung and are all speculations. Samsung might still come up with two models like each year but this time around both will sport dual curve display with difference in size. It is advised to the reader to take these information with a pinch of salt.


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