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Top 5 Android Nougat Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Android Nougat Tips and Tricks: Google recently released it’s latest Android update for Android powered devices known as Android Nougat 7.0. This latest update is rolling out now for most of the smartphones. If you have updated your Android smartphone to this latest version of Android and want to know some interesting and hidden features of Nougat, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will show you Top 10 Android Nougat tips and tricks that will help you to increase your system security.

#1 Battery Power Optimization

In order to increase your smartphones battery life you can turn on the battery optimization feature. Enabling this feature will help to increase your battery life, apps will be disconnected from internet automatically when not in use, but enabling this feature may have some disadvantages such as apps like Messanger, Navigation apps will not be able to send you notification since this app will be not connected to the internet.

#2 Control Quick-Start Tiles Arrangment

Under this latest version you will be finally able to arrange the Quick-Start icons wherever you want. You can just drag down the notification panel, and once again drag down for the Quick-Start tiles, under this you will be able to arrange and move the Quick-Start tiles.

#3 Split Screen Feature

For instance, you are watching a YouTube video or playing some media in Video Player, apparently from that you also want to perform some other task in your smartphone, you can now just use the Split screen feature. You just need to pen YouTube and start playing videos, then click on the Recent button and choose any other app. Move both the apps on the screen to adjust so that you can see both the apps clearly.

#4 Recive Notification without Sound

This latest version of Android has many new and intresting features added. Among all this new features you have an another and simple feature which allows you to mute the notification sound of app individually. This task can be performed easily, you just need to long press on a notification sent by an app and need to choose whether you need sound when you recieve a notification from that app.

# File Encryption for Faster Startup and Better Security

You will find a option of file encryption under Developer option, an important function of this feature is that it only encrpyts only your user data. If you encrypt your file you no need to enter your password during the booting process. But inorder to covert to file encryption you need to wipe all your data.

That’s it. This are some of the top and intresting features of Android Nougat. We will be back with some more intresting and hidden features of Android nougat. If you have any doubts do let us know in the comment section below.


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